2012 Wool clip

Alma general shearing results – September 2012

Alma has had very positive wool clip results for the past year with most wools given an AWEX ID of MF4B, the best stylish wools that can be produced on the Hay plains.
Wool clip average: 22.5 micron, 73.8% yield, 105mm length, 40 Nts strength
1 year ewes: 20.8 micron, 1.8%vm, 71.3% yield, 95mm length, sold for 1017c clean
Stud ewes: 22.0 micron, 1.5%vm, 72.9% yield, 106mm length, sold for 1015c clean Along with their wool fleece the Alma ewes had over 110% lambs
Ram Shearing – May 1st 2013 – 2012 Drop Alma Sale Rams
Averaged: 19.1 micron, 2.2%vm, 99.3% comfort factor, sold for 1200c clean
Alma 1y Wethers- shorn June 2013
Averaged: 19.5 micron, 1.7%vm, 99.0% comfort factor, sold for 1200c clean

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