2013 Wool and Lambing

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Welcome early autumn rains in 2013 allowed for a very good lambing at Alma with the average well over 100% in all mobs of our stud ewes. Many Alma Merino clients also reported up to 120% lambs. The Alma Merino ewes all had a lamb, or two, or three, the wether portion sold over the hooks at 21kg plus in the spring and the 1yr sale ewes were sold in September at Hay for $185 – the buyer noted

“the Alma blood sheep are bigger framed, longer bodied ewes that suit our first cross ewe job”.

All over 2013 was a good dollar result for wool, sheep and meat $ales, all provided by Alma Merino Ewes.

Fertility is the first generator of profitability for merino sheep. More lambs allow for more sales, more dollars and a quicker genetic gain throughout your flock annually.

Early maturity is the second generator of profitability allowing wether lambs to be sold early as suckers and their ewe sisters to mature early ready to be joined at full maturity allowing over 100% lambing.

Wool quality and weight is the third generator of profitability annually, and it was very pleasing to see the 2013 Alma wool clip results:

1yr ewes: 20.7 micron, 1.5% vm, 71.2% yield, 105mm length, 98.5 comfort factor.
Sold for 1220c clean – September 2013
Stud ewes: 21.8 micron, 1.3% vm, 70.5% yield, 103mm length, 97.0 comfort factor.
Sold for 1200c clean – September 2013

All Alma fleece wool, for the second year in a row, were typed AWEX ID of MF4B, and received no discount on the day of sale.

Merino ewes and lambs

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