Ram Sales

Bred on the Saltbush Plains – ready to join!

Alma is committed to Poll Merino genetics, and in 2020 a good selection of Poll and Horn rams will be available.

Rams will be available from the Alma Sale Ram Day, Thursday 24th September 2020. Please contact us to book your ram requirements.

2016 Sale Rams

Sale Rams grazing in the paddock

2020 Sale Rams

Ram Grades
Poll: $800
Horned: $750
(GST Exclusive)


Alma Sale Rams do not receive supplementary feed and are grown out on the Hay saltbush plains, foraging saltbush, annual grasses and other herbage including bluebush and poverty bush. They are bred to survive and thrive no matter what the season. The ability to forage is a factor many have overlooked in the past, however the old adage “thrive and survive” in any season is still fundamental to Alma Merino genetics.


Poll and Horn sale rams enjoying their green native pasture