Spring 2016 update

2015 Alma sale rams

2016 Alma sale rams


This year has seen the start to one of the best winters Alma has experienced in decades. A general 50-65mm of slow soaking rain with good timely follow up showers through June and July combined with a general 25mm in early August has set the country up for a fantastic spring.

Everything is aligning nicely to generate significant profitability from our productive merinos, with the combination of high wool, lamb and sheep prices along with a great season so far.

There are not many years when we have seasonal conditions that grow extra kgs of wool, fatten lambs quickly and allow for very high lambing percentages all at the same time. With very high to record commodity prices especially for lamb and sheep sales it is an exciting time to be a merino producer.

The 2016 Alma Sale Rams have grown out on native pasture with no supplementary feed. This teaches them to forage, allowing them to survive and thrive in all seasons.

Throughout boom and bust seasons the Alma wool, meat and sheep genetics have proven to provide a productive return across Western NSW. The 2016 seasonal conditions have allowed the Alma Merinos to demonstrate their full potential to produce wool and meat, capitalising on the abundance of native pasture available.

The 2015 Drop Alma Sale rams are enjoying the lush variety of native tree foil, barley grass, saltbush and bluebush at Alma and will be a picture on the annual Alma Sale ram day, Thursday 29th September 2016.