Stud sires

Daryl Smith (Glenville), Peter Morphett (Alma Merinos), Barry Smith (Glenville), Mark Newnham (Elders Hay), Helen and Graham Morphett (Alma Merinos), and Clay Smith (Glenville) with the record breaking ram (Right) and its half brother (left)

well-nourished wool on a big, plain bodied sheep.

Alma Merinos smashed records at the Glenville Merino and Poll Merinos 55th Annual on property ram sale at Cowell SA.

The bidding reached a top of $23,000, almost doubling the stud’s previous highest price, in a sale with full clearance of the 160 rams and a record average of $3023.75.

Alma Merino’s Mr Morphett said they place an equal emphasis on wool and meat, and this ram had the right balance.

“It had the combination of meat and fibre – plenty of fibre,” he said.

“It has well-nourished wool on a big, plain bodied sheep.”

“With the wool market continuing to increase we need plenty of fibre on our big plain fertile Merinos.

Productivity in Alma Merinos comes annually from sales of wool, meat and sheep and we are determined to maximise all three income streams, hence the extra fibres on these two big rams.”

The 14-month-old ram has a micron of 21.9, standard deviation of 3.1, coefficient of variation of 14.1 and comfort factor of 99.1%. The ram also measured a body weight of 130kg and a greasy fleece weight of 7.7kg when recently shorn after 5 months wool growth, click here to view the video!

Alma Merinos also bought the second top price ram at $19,000, which was a half-brother to the top price ram.

“These two are exactly what I’m looking for,” he said.

“About 50 per cent of our income is from meat and the other 50pc from wool and they’re both at record prices, which is why I had to pay record price at Glenville.”

Mr Morphett said the state of the wool and sheep meat markets, coupled with one of the best seasons in Eastern Australia for over 25 years made it exciting and profitable to be a Merino breeder.

Alix, William, Josh, Graham, Barry and Daryl pictured with the 2014 Sale Topping Glenville Rams

Alix, William, Josh, Graham, Barry and Daryl pictured with the 2014 Sale Topping Glenville Rams

Alma attended the annual Glenville Merino Stud sale for the eighth time in August 2014 purchasing 5 Poll Rams weighing up to 130kg with an average of 20.9 micron and 99.3% comfort factor for an average price of $4400. This included the sale topping ram and reinforces Alma’s ongoing commitment to breeding dual-purpose Merinos.

Continued focus on breeding big, plain, fertile rams which produce a soft handling, long stapled fleece highlights the emphasis we place on increasing productivity from both wool and meat. Many growers are finding that up to half of their income is arising from sheep sales, the remainder from wool. Matching production with market trends is essential to achieving optimum profitability and this is why we continue to invest in quality wool and meat genetics.

Glenville sire

Glenville sire, purchased 2012

In 2012 Alma purchased 4 Poll Glenville rams, including the top sale price of $12,500, a Glenville record for sale rams. All four rams have extra meat qualities along with the soft, long white wools that Glenville is known for. The top ram has a 20.2 micron fleece and 99.5% comfort factor. With these traits they exactly suit the Alma Merino breeding program.

Graham Morphett commented of the top ram:

“ He is a combination of a meat and fibre sheep and he has an excellent rear end, long soft-stapled wool and a nice outlook as a ram. ”

In 2011 Alma purchased 4 Poll Glenville rams, including the top priced ram of the sale at $6000, a large, plain soft handling ram. The four young rams were joined to our top special ewes and achieved 115% lambing.

Continuing on Alma’s commitment to producing large boned genetics, Alma purchased 3 East Bungaree rams, known for their growth, structure and wool cut, to add to the Alma gene pool. The three rams topped the sale, highest at $7800, and were joined to 220 1yr ewes to lamb at 130%.

East Bungaree sires

East Bungaree sires, purchased 2011

Glenville sire

Glenville sire, purchased 2011