Alma Poll Merinos

What type of Merino will be profitable in 2014 and beyond?

Alma poll sale rams

Alma poll sale rams, April 2008

A Merino that produces lots of soft-handling, long-stapled medium wool on a large plain-bodied frame. A Merino that has high fertility and the constitution to withstand the variable seasonal conditions. This may be asking a lot, but the genetics are here today at Alma. We believe the next step is towards “easy-care” sheep. Poll Merino genetics produce sheep that are easy to shear and look after, with lower input costs and yet remaining competitive. Figures show Poll Merinos outdoing the imported “meat sheep”, producing the best profits from the wool, sheep and meat $ales that Alma is renowned for.

The Alma Poll line

The Alma poll line was established in 2005 with the purchase of 5 poll sires from the Glenville Poll Merino Stud based at Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Further Glenville sires were purchased in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014. All are large rams with soft handling, long stapled wool.

Alix, William, Josh, Graham, Barry and Daryl pictured with the 2014 Sale Topping Glenville Rams

Alix, William, Klay, Graham, Barry and Daryl pictured with the 2014 Sale Topping Glenville Rams

Our latest purchases from Glenville were 5 Poll rams weighing up to 130kg with an average of 20.9 micron and 99.3% comfort factor, for an average price of $4400. This included the sale topping ram and reinforces Alma‘s ongoing commitment to breeding dual-purpose Merinos.

Glenville sire

Glenville sire, purchased 2012

This follows on from our 2012 purchases, which included the top sale price of $12,500, a Glenville record for sale rams, for a large sire carrying a 20.2 micron fleece with comfort factor 99.5%.

Half of Alma’s 2015 sale rams will be polls. Rams are available at the Sale Ram Day, Thursday 24 September 2015.