Alma Merinos

Merino eweThe Alma Vision:

“ To breed Merinos that adapt to and utilise the vegetation of Western NSW through all seasons, Merinos that provide a profitable business and lifestyle for their owners by producing valuable wool, sheep and meat $ales. ”

Stud Master’s comments

Our vision is designed to ensure that Alma Merinos remain true to their long-standing reputation: large-framed Merinos with outstanding fertility, carrying a soft handling medium wool. It is because of this reputation that Alma-blood sheep are sought after by buyers at sheep sales and on-property.

Coming out of these recent years of drought will be like the ’80s and early ’90s. What should a Western sheep producer aim for? In the ’80s and ’90s the question was, ‘Should we aim for finer wool?’. Today, it is ‘Should we go for meat sheep?’

I want both. Plenty of good, soft-handling medium wool bales, along with many well-grown sheep for meat and surplus sheep sales, especially to 1st cross breeders.

Merinos have a long-term future in Australia. We need to keep up their production. Never before have we had so many breeds sheep to choose from for our pastoral country. With Alma genetics, given even half a season, I believe we will share in a profitable business and lifestyle that we strive for.

Graham Morphett
Stud Master