Alma Today

Graham and Helen Morphett took over ownership of Alma from D & AL Morphett in April 2001. They strive to breed a profitable merino, suited to the western NSW pastoral zone. Profitability is guaranteed from a diversified income, generated by the Alma Merino from wool, sheep and meat sales.
Alma Merinos grow a medium, soft-handling fleece on a large framed, highly fertile sheep that will reproduce and thrive in all seasons.

Graham & Helen Morphett

The diversified income generated by Alma Merinos includes:

  • Wool
    • 19-23 micron
    • soft-handling
    • high tensile strength
    • good yields
  • Sheep
    • sales of both young and older ewes to specialist 1st cross breeders in Victoria and southern NSW
    • Victorian wether buyers look for wool cutters
  • Meat
    • given a good season, Alma lambs hang up as well as 1st cross lambs, maturing early, and the fertility of Alma rams results in many lambs to sell
    • the growth and lean meat of Alma blood lambs is suited well for the live boat trade
    • older ewes and cull sheep for mutton